Ultra Low Pallet Jack 2200 Lb. Capacity

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Brand: NobleLift

 AC-UL22  Ultra Low Profile Pallet Jacks

• Easy access to pallets and containers that sit lowest to the floor, with minimum floor clearance between 1.4 and 2 inches.
• Your handy choice for handling the low pallets which usually can only be handled by counterbalanced forklifts.
Low & Ultra-Low Profile Pallet Trucks 
Item/Type      AC-UL22
apacity Q Ibs   2200
Min. Fork Height h Inch   1.4"
Max.Fork Heght h1 Inch   3.5
Steering Wheel Inch   φ6.3x2
Load Roller Single Inch    
Load Roller Tandem (Special Order) Inch   φ1.3x2.3
Size of Fork e*s Inch   6.3x1.2
Width overall Forks B Inch   27"
Fork Length I Inch   44"


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