Stren-Flex 3,200lb 2" Eye & Eye Flat/Twist Web Sling, 1 Ply Heavy Duty

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Brand: Stren-Flex

Stren Flex Type 3, eye & eye flat slings are very popular, adaptable and a good choice in many lifting situations. The flat eye is usually easier to remove or insert into limited spaces. Basket capacities from 2400 to 132,000 pounds and web widths from 1-12 inches are available.

Type 4 eye & eye twist slings are identical to the Type 3 slings except the eye of a Type 4 is twisted to stand open. Eye and Eye twist slings are recommended if the sling is to be used in a choker hitch. Basket capacities and web widths correspond with Type 3.

Synthetic slings are made of nylon and polyester to suit various applications. All standard STREN-FLEX® slings are sewn using nylon webbing unless polyester webbing is specified by the customer.

Additional features and benefits include:

- Rigging Technique: Vertical 3,200lbs; Choker 2,500lbs; Basket 6,400lbs

- All-purpose, low-profile heavy duty sling

- Gorilla-guard™ and monster edge® available

- Standard eyes are tapered on all slings 3" wide and over

- Made in the USA




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