Large 2 Ton Spanco Steel Adjustable Tripod Crane

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Brand: Spanco
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Feet Type:

Spanco Industrial Tripod Cranes provide mobile, heavy-lifting solutions almost anywhere, including tight spaces and outdoor locations without overhead structures, cranes, or forklift access. For fast height adjustment, the tripod’s telescoping legs are independently adjustable in 6-inch increments, which is also ideal for set-up on uneven surfaces. The tripod’s free swiveling eyebolt hangs plumb to protect the tripod head from twists and strains while keeping the lifting device plumb.

Features Include:

  • Spanco tripod cranes can be used on all hard surfaces using our standard aluminum flat feet.

  • You can also order your tripod with mud feet for soft ground. The mud feet have integral spikes to entrench the legs firmly and a wide flange to prevent the legs from sinking into the ground.

  • For maximum flexibility on all surfaces, order both types of tripod feet.

  • Our cable lashing kit (included with all orders) keeps the tripod’s legs from spreading. The cable also indicates the proper spacing of the legs.

  • Quick, easy setup: includes collapsible tripod legs for portability and storage; no disassembly required.

  • One and two-ton capacities available in both steel and aluminum.

Please use images below for reference when selecting the following: Type of Feet, Height: Eyebolt to Floor (B), Overall Length (C), Dimension Between Legs (D)


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