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Log Handling Industry


The log handling and wood product industry requires cranes that can handle heavy loads quickly and consistently, with minimal breakdowns. At Crane Depot, we understand the wood industry's unique requirements and provide a wide range of powerful cranes for log handling at competitive prices.


What are the applications for cranes used in the log handling industry?

Crane Depot works alongside the leading crane manufacturers to source the safest and most effective cranes for log handling. Some of the log handling applications we supply cranes for include:


  • Log handling
  • Loading of logs for transport
  • Offloading


If you are looking for specific woodyard cranes or log grapple cranes, please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.


What are the unique challenges for crane use in the log handling industry?


Businesses in the log handling industry need cranes to do a lot of heavy lifting throughout the production process. Ensuring that logs are safely moved around the felling site, woodyard, and loaded on and off vehicles is crucial. Even minor mistakes can cause accidents and damage, as well as delays that can result in further expenses. This is why cranes to be used for log handling need to be able to manage heavy loads while having the flexibility to adjust to the different demands of the site and your production schedule.


Our expert team can help you select the perfect solution for your log handling operations, which will provide outstanding performance and an excellent return on your investment. 


The Crane Depot Difference

At Crane Depot, we offer the safest, most efficient and cost-effective cranes for log handling available on the market. Our team has the industry expertise to help you select the wood product industry cranes most suitable to your specific requirements. Our user-friendly website enables you to search through the available options easily, and our team of log handling industry experts is only a phone call away.


Contact us today to discuss how we can provide you with the best cranes for your log handling needs.

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