The marine industry plays a vital role in the generation of power and the supply chains of industries worldwide. From food to cars, the marine industry keeps us safe, fed, warm and moving daily. 

At Crane Depot, we understand the challenges of working in challenging marine environments and have sourced the safest and most efficient cranes for the marine industry. Whatever your requirements, we can supply cranes that meet your needs at competitive prices.  


What are the uses for cranes in the marine industry?

Maritime cranes play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of numerous maritime businesses. Ship cranes can be placed on board to assist the crew in moving heavy goods around the ship or to another vessel. On-ship cranes are often utilized to place or remove equipment from the seabed. Shipyards around the world are well-known for their variety of towering cranes that move cargo to and from the ships. 

At Crane Depot, we work alongside the leading manufacturers of marine sector cranes, so we will always be able to find the best crane for your specific applications. Some of the maritime cranes that we supply include:


  • Offshore Cranes
  • Ship Cranes
  • Floating Transfer Solutions

If you are looking for any specific brand or maritime application requirements, don't hesitate to contact one of our team.

What are the unique challenges facing crane use in the marine industry?

Operating in marine environments is very challenging, with the elements combining to make even simple tasks difficult. When a vessel is out at sea, it is exposed to different weather, wind, and sea forces that can significantly impact carrying out functions above and below deck. Other factors that can make operating cranes in marine environments include the motion of the vessel and the stability of surfaces, seabed suction, dynamic loading, and the proximity of adjacent structures and vessels. 

The Crane Depot Difference

At Crane Depot, we will always offer the best maritime cranes at competitive prices. Our team of industry experts is on hand to guide you through the best options for your specific requirements. We take away the hassle of searching for cranes through our user-friendly website, and our team is available to answer your questions throughout the week.


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