2 Ton RAZE Workstation Bridge Crane

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RAZE  Light Crane System provides an ergonomic and cost effective solution to conventional overhead crane systems, particularly when there is a height and space restriction. Versatile and reliable overhead handling can be achieved for a variety of applications using the RAZE modular design. The robust design of our components and the high standards of manufacturing guarantees long life with little or no maintenance requirements. Our product range consists of sliding door fittings, overhead conveyor systems, festoon systems, fall arrest systems and light cranes.

Features and benefits include:

  • Loads up to 4400lbs

  • Bridge lengths up to approximately 33 feet

  • Modular design enables extension, modification and relocation

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to install using a variety of supporting brackets

  • Large range of mounting options

  • Latching capability enables interconnection with existing or new

  • Conveyor or monorail systems

  • Telescopic cantilever crane bridges and monorails

  • Manual or electric travel

  • Floor or ceiling mounted cranes

  • Painted or electrolytic plated finish

  • Cranes available in stainless steel

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