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TC/American Rail Model 325 Series

  • TC American is the combination of companies formerly known as American Monorail, Twin City Monorail and Spanmaster.
  • The Patented Track Flat Tread Rail is made of high carbon alloy steel, providing a perfect rolling environment for the TC American articulating trolley. The hard rail is economical, allows for better wear resistance, and delivers a smooth riding surface. The heart of every TC/American Monorail system begins with the pairing of the time proven Patented Flat Tread Rail with TC/American's own unique articulating trolley design.
  • TC American Patented Track monorail systems are commonly used in manufacturing and warehousing of items. Monorails can be used to bring products through the entire manufacturing process without the need for it to ever touch the ground. Systems can be as simple as a traveling hoist, or as complex as a custom engineered crane.
  • The perfect rail for light capacity or light duty cranes and monorails, up to 2 ton. This is the original ‚Äö√Ñ√∫work station" product line and has provided economical material handling systems to America since before World War II!
  • Used to replace, and complement existing systems. It is also used in new installations.
  • The 400 Series is designed around a 3 piece welded design. 400 series systems transport loads up to 10 tons. Equally balanced between weight and strength, 400 series equipment can be flexibly applied to meet any complicated track layout.A system of interlocks and switches keeps you on track while transferring from one rail system to another. This system of interlocks and switches facilitates the easy transfer from one station to another without the need to switch carriers.
  • The 400 series can be bent to create a wide variety of curves or connected to a series of switches to help you position your loads where you need them without the need to switch trolleys.
  • Like all TC/American monorail, a variety of trolleys are available for use on the 400 series rail. These heavy duty articulating trolleys are available with either flanged or flangeless wheels. Flangeless wheels in combination with side rollers reduce wheel friction to a minimum keeping the trolley in perfect alignment for high speed travel minimizing wear to track flanges on straight or curved sections.
  • Monotractors can be added to move loads of up to 10 tons with ease using precision hardened, duty rated helical gears running in oil to power a 12‚Äö√Ñ‚â• solid rubber tire. These are operated by push button or radio control.
  • Pneumatic and electrical service can be added to power hoists and accessories eliminating hanging cords and hoses.
  • Please give our sales specialist a call or email us at info@cranedepot.com for assistance in building the correct application to full-fill your requirements.

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