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Below Hook - 5 Gal. Pail Karrier / Bucket Carrier PailPRO

The Morse PailPRO Below-Hook Can Tipper is an ergonomic and safety conscious way to lift and pour your 5-gallon pails.

Operating Procedure:

  • Clamp your pail in the holder of the 5-gallon bucket carrier.
  • Turn the hand wheel to dispense.
  • Turn your pail end-over-end 360 degrees in either direction.
  • The top bracket prevents your can from slipping through the holder when inverted.
  • Fits plastic or metal pails, 11" to 12"" in diameter
  • Capacity: 200-lbs. for a full pail, 100-lbs. for a half-full pail with shifting load.

Pail-Karrier Capacity:

  • 200 Lb. (91 kg) for a full pail
  • 100 Lb. (45 kg) for a half-full pail with shifting load

Domestic ship weight: 25 Lb. (11.4 kg) Domestic ship dimensions: L21" W17" H10" (53 x 43 x 25 cm)

Dimensions of Model 85-5 PailPRO TM Below-Hook 5-Gallon Pail Carrier / Bucket Carrier

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