650 Lb Capacity EA Series Pneumatic Balancer

BRAND: Ingersoll Rand

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MPN: EAW065040/EAW065080

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Ingersoll Rand Equal Air (EA) Series (Zimmerman) Balancers are used for handling multiple (up to 3) loads within a 40 lb. (18.1 kg) weight range without the need to adjust the controls. When the pendant is in the LO- and UN-LOAD position, balancer air pressure is released to allow the lighter loads to be in balance. When the pendant is in the HI-LOAD position, no pressure is released, and the heaviest load can be balanced. These pneumatic balancers are ideally suited for applications where up to 3 load sizes are frequently lifted, and operator hands-on the part is required. The UN-LOAD position is also often used for handling device balancing (loaded/unloaded).


PRODUCT: Capacity: 650 lbs, Vertical Hook Travel Option: 40" or 80"

DURABILITY: Balancers feature all-steel housing, engineered plastic, aircraft grade wire rope and self-closing cast safety hook. 

RELIABILITY: Features include precise positioning, a pre-lubricated piston chamber, intuitive speed control, and continuous duty operation. 


  • Standard emergency cable retract brakes mean that if your load is accidentally lost, a spring-loaded centrifugal brake automatically stops the rapid upward cable travel. 
  • If the air supply is ever interrupted, the unit will maintain the load in the suspended position. 
  • The load being lifted can never exceed the unit’s maximum rated capacity at a given air pressure, providing intrinsic overload protection. 
  • The optional Z-stop eliminates the down-drift of suspended loads within 6 inches (152 mm) if air supply is shut down.

PRODUCTIVITY: Gain flexibility, with ultra-low air consumption, clean oil free operation, and cable travels of up to 120 inches depending on model. 

  • Suspension kits are available for virtually all enclosed track manufacturers, as well as I-beam, Patented/Hardened track, and Hook mounted configurations
  • Rotary thumb switch pendant selects HI-LOAD, LO-LOAD, or NO-LOAD setting

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