Diameter Adapters For Rubbermaid Brutes

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Diameter Adaptors for Rubbermaid Brutes

Diameter Adaptors for Rubbermaid Brutes have integrated top brackets to securely hold a Rubbermaid Brute container. The brackets prevent an inverted Rubbermaid Brute from slipping out. They can be installed on any Morse drum handler equipped with the MORCINCH Drum Holder. Order the correct size adaptor for your Rubbermaid Brute:

  • Model 55/30-44G - Steel painted blue  Model 55/30SS-44G - Type 304 stainless steel  for a 44-gallon Rubbermaid Brute model # 2643
  • Model 55/30-32G - Steel painted blue  Model 55/30SS-32G - Type 304 stainless steel  for a 32-gallon Rubbermaid Brute model # 2632
  • Model 55/30-17.5 - Steel painted blue Model 55/30SS-17.5 - Type 304 stainless steel  for a 20-gallon Rubbermaid Brute model # 2620

These adaptors can be used with Morse models that have the MORCINCH Drum Holder:

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