Diameter Adapters With Brackets

BRAND: Morse

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MPN: 55/30-17.5

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Diameter Adaptors with Integrated Brackets

Many Morse drum handlers can handle several drum types and sizes when equipped with the correct size drum adapter and accessories for each drum.

Handle a smaller diameter drum

Diameter Adaptors allow you to handle a smaller diameter drum with the same Morse drum handler

  • Simply insert the correct size Diameter Adaptor for your drum
  • Quickly remove the Diameter Adaptor to return to handling your 55-gallon drum
  • IMPORTANT: Measure your drum outside diameter half-way down between the ribs (circumference divided by 3.14)

Insert Diameter Adaptors in just seconds!

Diameter Adaptors with integrated hold-down brackets at top and bottom of your drum. The hold down brackets adjust for a drum up to 38" (96.5 cm) tall.

Diameter Adaptors are available in standard carbon steel, type 304 stainless steel, or with spark resistant parts.

Model Numbers

  • Model 55/30-14.5 for 14" to 14.5" (35.6 to 36.8 cm) diameter drum
  • Model 55/30-16 for 15.5" to 16" (39.4 to 40.6 cm) diameter drum
  • Model 55/30-17.5 for 17" to 17.5" (43.2 to 44.5 cm) diameter drum

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