Diameter Adapters With No Brackets

BRAND: Morse

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MPN: 55/30-22

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Diameter Adaptors with No Brackets

Many Morse drum handlers can handle several drum types and sizes when equipped with the correct size drum adapter and accessories for each drum.

Handle a smaller diameter drum

Diameter Adaptors allow you to handle a smaller diameter drum with the same Morse drum handler

  • Simply insert the correct size Diameter Adaptor for your drum
  • Quickly remove the Diameter Adaptor to return to handling your 55-gallon drum
  • IMPORTANT: Measure your drum outside diameter half-way down between the ribs (circumference divided by 3.14)

Insert Diameter Adaptors in just seconds!

Diameter Adaptors with no brackets. Also install Top Rim Clamp or Bracket Assembly to safely handle a plastic drum.

Model Numbers

  • Model 55/30-19 for 18.5" to 19" (47 to 48.3 cm) diameter drum
  • Model 55/30-20.5 for 20" to 20.5" (50.8 to 52.1 cm) diameter drum
  • Model 55/30-22 for 21.5" to 22" (54.6 to 55.9 cm) diameter drum

Spark Resistant or Stainless Steel Diameter Adaptors also available

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