Drum Mover / Stacker

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Manufacture Part Number 915
Brand Morse

The Morse model 915 PILOT Power-Propelled MORSpeed Drum Mover Stackerfeatures intuitive, industry-standard throttle, steering and drum positioning controls ... so you can put them online quickly. Model 915 PILOT MORSpeed Drum Mover Stacker is designed to lift a drum weighing up to 1,500-lbs. at 25 ft/min.* Control the travel speed with ergonomic twist grip or thumb control. Maximum travel speed is 3.0 mph or 4.4 ft/sec with 1,500-lbs. drum.* Maneuver in narrow aisles with a turn radius of just 58" on smooth rubber rear drive wheel, and polyurethane front wheels. Adjust straddle I.D. from 38" to 50", adjustable in 4" increments to work with various size pallets. Moving steering control handle to top and bottom 15 degrees of handle arc actuates brake proportional to handle movement, allowing operator complete control of braking from "feathering" for accurate payload positioning through full emergency stop. When released, the handle returns to upright position and applies the brake. Built-in safety systems include a proven "belly-button" switch, which helps prevent an operator being pinned between the PILOT and any other object. Upon body contact, the switch activates low speed in the opposite direction. "Dead-man" braking occurs when spring loaded control handle is released, turning off electrical power and applying the brakes. The internally mounted 24V battery has a built-in "smart" charger to provide amount of charge necessary. Simply plug into a standard 110V AC outlet with the included cord. The batteries can be fully charged from empty in about 8 hours. *Notes:

  • Requires a minimum drum height of 24", and minimum drum weight of 75-lbs. to activate the drum gripping mechanism.
  • Lift and travel speeds will increase with lighter loads. For example, maximum travel speed with an empty drum is 3.6 mph with maximum lift speed of 39 ft/min.

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