Forklift-Karriers - Extra Heavy Duty - 2000 - 2500 Lb. Capacity

BRAND: Morse

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MPN: 285A-GR

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Extra Heavy Duty Forklift-Karrier - 2000 - 2500 lb. Capacity

With a Morse Heavy-Duty Forklift-Karrier you can lift and dispense a 55-gallon steel drum and have options to handle various other types and sizes of drums.

Model 285A-GR

  • Forklift attachment to move and pour a drum weighing up to 2,000-lbs.
  • Two web strap and ratchet mechanisms to secure drum in the drum holder. 
  • Turn drum 360 degrees, in either direction.
  • Built to handle greater payload - extra heavy-duty forklift carrier has an enclosed gear box with 150:1 ratio for controlled drum tilting. 
  • Pull-chain loop allows drum tilt control from the driver's seat of your fork truck with 20' chain loop providing a 10' drop of chain for operator to turn drum.

Models 285XGR - 2500 Lb. Features:

  • Super-duty forklift attachment to move and pour a drum up to 2,500-lbs. converts your fork truck into a drum handler.
  • Turn drum 360 degrees, in either direction.
  • Pull chain loop is used to control drum tilt from the forklift.
  • Super-duty forklift attachment
  • Heavily reinforced 3-piece drum holder and a worm gear speed reducer provide Morse's highest capacity forklift drum carrier.

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