Omni-Lift Drum Rackers - Spark Resistant


Omni-Lift Drum Racker

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This racker allows workers to move and store drums on racks effortlessly. 

You can easily lift, tilt and rack a heavy drum up to 6 feet high with an Omni-Lift Drum Racker. Power options provide quicker and more ergonomic drum racking. Choose battery, AC, or air powered lift and tilt function. Omni-Lift Drum Rackers handle a 55-gallon steel drum, or add option AP405 to handle a 55-gallon plastic drum. Models with spark-resistant parts are also available.

Omni-Lift Drum Rackers let you manipulate drums in a variety of ways:

  • Lift from a vertical or horizontal position. 
  • Place drum down in either a vertical or horizontal position.
  • Move drum in position to pour contents.

Specifications: Rack your drum up to 72" high Full drum capacity: 800-lbs. Half drum capacity: 500-lbs.

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