Raze Motorized Jib Crane

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Why buy motorized jib cranes?

The arm of a typical Jib crane has the ability to rotate 180 to 360 degrees, depending on the crane.  This leaves the power and speed left solely to the crane operator.  Relying on the skill and experience of each individual operator leaves the door open to unpredictable circumstances such as over travel, colliding with other machinery and overextending the operator to the point of injury.  Motorizing a jib crane in a new or existing crane makes the work place more predictable, efficient and SAFE!

Outdoor, shipyards, marinas, and military applications are just a few ideas, outside of general use, where a motorized jib crane would make a more efficient and safe environment.

A motorized package consists of:

  • VFD Type Drive
  • ¬æ HP- ¬Ω RPM Double reduction worm gear motor
  • Soft start & stop 230/460 volts standard
  • Top or bottom entry collector ring
  • NEMA 12 Motor Control Panel with manual fused disconnect, main line contactor, rod disconnect, thermal overload protection and internal chain & sprocket drive

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