110 Ton Caldwell Shackle Style Triangle Lifting Beam

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Manufacture Part Number 20TS-110-2
Brand Caldwell


Shackle Style Triangle Beams

Caldwell Triangle Beams provide a low headroom solution when a short span is all you need to make the connections between the load and the crane. Caldwell Triangle Beams are available in standard capacities from 13 to 149 tons and comply with ASME standards.

Product Features:
  • Low Headroom
  • Designed to ASME standards
Available Options: Call For Pricing
  • Custom Capacities
  • Extra Spreads
  • Full Capacity Center Lift Points
  • Built-In Stand
  • Oblong with Top Shackle
  • Longer Spreads
  • Shorter Spreads
  • Various Rigging Options

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