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Jib cranes are very adaptable and can be used for a variety of applications that require repetitive lifting tasks. They can manage loads of extreme weight with ease, increasing workplace safety and efficiency. Jib cranes are typically fairly easy to operate and maintain due to their simple design.

Wall-mounted jib cranes are used for a variety of applications, including warehousing, manufacturing, and shipping. Just like portable jib cranes, wall-mounted jib cranes offer greater convenience and efficiency than traditional floor-mounted jib cranes. They provide excellent coverage in areas that are not efficiently served by a floor crane and can support equipment such as air balancers and vacuum lifters. These space-saving cranes can also be mounted to columns and workstations for maximum efficiency.

At Crane Depot, we source only the highest-quality wall-mounted jib cranes and wall bracket jib cranes to fit your exact project specifications.

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