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TC/American Rail Model 325 Series

  • TC American is the combination of companies formerly known as American Monorail, Twin City Monorail and Spanmaster.
  • The Patented Track Flat Tread Rail is made of high carbon alloy steel, providing a perfect rolling environment for the TC American articulating trolley. The hard rail is economical, allows for better wear resistance, and delivers a smooth riding surface. The heart of every TC/American Monorail system begins with the pairing of the time proven Patented Flat Tread Rail with TC/American's own unique articulating trolley design.
  • TC American Patented Track monorail systems are commonly used in manufacturing and warehousing of items. Monorails can be used to bring products through the entire manufacturing process without the need for it to ever touch the ground. Systems can be as simple as a traveling hoist, or as complex as a custom engineered crane.
  • The perfect rail for light capacity or light duty cranes and monorails, up to 2 ton. This is the original ‚Äö√Ñ√∫work station" product line and has provided economical material handling systems to America since before World War II!
  • The demands of industry for a broad line of hard working material handling equipment is the basis behind the 325 Series. Its complete, versatile, and expandable, the right move for transporting and positioning loads up to 20 tons or more.
  • 325 Series Rail is a three part Patented Track fabrication consisting of a high carbon manganese steel rolled T-section, an A36 steel web plate and top flange. These three parts are fused together during a state of the art welding process resulting in uniform rail that is straight and true from section to section. The rail is available in a range of sizes from 8-1/4 to 40 inches deep depending upon your needs.
  • A system of interlocks and switches keeps you on track while transferring from one rail system to another. This system of interlocks and switches facilitates the easy transfer from one station to another without the need to switch carriers.
  • Any number of cranes can be mounted to your rail system Single and double girder, truss, or have a specialty crane designed for your specific application.
  • Please give our sales specialist a call or email us at info@cranedepot.com for assistance in building the correct application to full-fill your requirements.

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