Portable Drum Rollers - Belted - Single Phase - Variable Speed

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Manufacture Part Number 201BVS-1
Brand Morse
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Roll a closed drum to mix and blend the contents with Morse industrial drum mixers.

The belted drum rollers have a pair of belts between the rollers to turn drum (instead of wheels). Belts allow it to roll a fiber drum weighing up to 300 Lb. (136 kg) without damaging the fiber sidewall.

Belted portable drum rollers are available with the same drum speeds and motor types.

Capacity of Belted Portable Drum Rollers

  • Liquid Load: 300 Lb. (136 kg)
  • Dry Load varies with drum RPM. A shifting dry load exerts greater stress on the drum mixer.
    • 300 Lb. (136 kg) at 10 to 20 RPM
    • 250 Lb. (113 kg) at 24 RPM
  • Roll a drum on 2 belts
  • Roll a fiber drum:
    • From 16" to 23" (41 to 59 cm) in diameter
    • Up to 35" (89 cm) tall, and at least 30" (76.2 cm) tall.

Belted portable drum rollers are designed to roll a Fiber Drum

  • 16" to 23" (41 to 59 cm) in diameter
  • Up to 35" (89 cm) tall
  • Minimum of 30" (76.2 cm) tall

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