Premium Cable Sky Hook W/ Mobile Cart Base

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Manufacture Part Number 9770
Brand Sky Hook
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The Premium Sky Hooks with Mobile Cart Base are by far the most popular Sky Hooks we offer. Due to their versatility around the facility, full 360° Sky Hook rotation and ability to reach into machines and over benches, these Sky Hooks are often found to be invaluable pieces of equipment. These Sky Hooks are very popular for CNC machines and other equipment where there is not room enough to extend legs beneath the load.

The mobile cart is designed to match common utility cart dimensions for easy integration and maneuverability into any facility. With 6" x 2" casters and a structural steel construction the cart provides a stable platform for transporting heavy parts. This Sky Hooks with Mobile Carts are unique in that they offer full 360° rotation without legs extending forward beneath the load. This is accomplished through the use of built in load bearing support legs which can be extended for lifting or retracted for transport and storage. With the base support legs retracted, the Sky Hook can be transported though a standard 3' doorway.

As part of the Premium Sky Hook product line, these models incorporate our popular LoadLock clutch brake mechanism. The clutch brake allows for easy-to-operate, secure lifting of up to 500 lbs. Unlike the friction brake found in the Economy Line Sky Hooks, the Premium LoadLock clutch brake does not require the operation of a lever to control the load's rate of descent. With the LoadLock clutch brake, lowering the load is as easy as cranking the hand wheel in the counter clock-wise direction.

These mobile Sky Hook industrial lifting devices are design to require counterweight to the amount of 125% of the load being lifted or 630 lbs. for the maximum load capacity. While many of our customers choose to utilize weights they already have, we do offer the counterweight as well if desired. The counterweights are sold separately or in kit form, depending on the application requirements.

The Mobile Cart Sky Hooks are available in both roller chain and cable configurations.


  • Load limit 500 lbs. / 227 kg.
  • Brake style: LoadLock clutch brake
  • Overall height (including base): 71.6"
  • Overall reach (center of hook to center of vertical tube): 21.3"
  • Sky Hook rotation in base: 360¬¨‚àû (under load with support leg extended)
  • Sky Hook weight: 26 lbs
  • Base wight: 128 lbs.
  • 6" x 2" Transforma non-marking rubber casters (2-swivel w/ brakes, 2-rigid)
  • 33.1" overall cart width with support legs retracted
  • Simple crank up to raise the load/crank down to lower the load operation
  • Brake locks automatically
  • Custom modifications available
  • Counterweight REQUIRED!
    Option 1: Customer supplies own counterweight. Note: Counterweight minimum MUST be at least 125% of lifted load
    Option 2: Purchase counter- weight kit, load capacity 500 lbs. (See Part# CW-630-KIT)
    Option 3: If load is less than 500 lbs., purchase individual counterweights. Note: Counterweight minimums MUST be at least 125% of lifted load. (See Part# CW-42LB)

Features & Benefits:

  • Reaches easily into machine without legs beneath load
  • Prevents lifting injuries
  • Uses one hand operation that does the work of four people
  • Safely lifts and positions up to 500 lbs. with one person
  • Designed for precision positioning
  • Lifts, transports, and stores machine accessories, material, or heavy awkward items.
  • Designed to fit a 3-foot standard aisle and tight, hard to reach areas
  • Use on CNC equipment and all other general lifting equipments
  • 6" x 2" Transforma casters allow for smooth, precise movement
  • Heavy duty 12ga. steel top shelf with angle posts for maximum strength
  • Constructed of high strength steel
  • Maintenance free
  • Limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Meets applicable O.S.H.A. & ASME requirements
  • Made in the U.S.A. since 1969
  • CE marking available upon request

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