Sky Hook 8565 W/ Mobile Reverse Cherry Picker Base

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Manufacture Part Number 8565
Brand Sky Hook
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Sky Hook Model 8565 is ideal for general material handling lifting and moving applications in production and assembly areas in manufacturing, shipping and receiving, maintenance and repair facilities. Model 8565 works well in tight, hard-to reach areas. Compact in design, Sky Hook Model 8565 Reverse Cherry Picker allows easy access into machinery to remove or reposition heavy or awkward items that need to be changed, modified or stored after use. With the flexibility of 15 degree rotation in each direction from center, Sky Hook Model 8565 allows you a full 30 degree range of motion when working in tight areas. Sky Hook Model 8565 safely allows the installation or removal of key items. Without a tray to get in the way of the machinery, Model 8565's design allows you to get up close to the machine making it ideal for CNC equipment. With an ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability, Sky Hook Model 8565 Reverse Cherry Picker works well when lifting over or into equipment where legs cannot fit under, especially in tight areas. Because its one-handed operation does the work of four people, Model 8565 is especially suited for those who need an effective yet totally maintenance-free lifting tool.

Specs Include:

  • Load limit 500 lbs. / 227 kg.
  • 75" Length of lift
  • Sky Hook weighs 26 lbs.
  • Reverse Cherry Picker base weighs 107 lbs.
  • Overall height of Sky Hook including base is 73"
  • Sky Hook has limited 30¬¨‚àû rotation in base
  • One rotation of the handwheel = approximately 1" of vertical lift
  • 6" casters allow for easy movement
  • Fits through standard 3'0 door
  • Constructed of high strength steel
  • Fully welded counter weight tray included
  • Custom modifications available
  • Counter Weight Required!
  • Option 1: Customer supplies own counter-weight. Note: Counter-weight minimum MUST be at least 125% of lifted load.

  • Option 2: Purchase counter- weight kit, load capacity 500 lbs. (See Part# CW-8570)

  • Option 3: If load is less than 500 lbs, purchase individual counter-weights. Note: Counter-weight minimums MUST be at least 125% of lifted load. (See Part# CW1-8570)

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to reach into any area without legs under load
  • Prevents lifting injuries
  • Designed to fit through a 3-foot standard aisle and tight hard-to-reach areas
  • Uses one hand operation that does the work of four people
  • Safely lifts and positions up to 500 lbs. with one person
  • Designed for precision positioning
  • Has removable boom and base can be disassmbled for easy transportation and storage
  • Operates in tight working conditions
  • Is totally maintenance free
  • Has a limited manufacturers warranty
  • Meets applicable O.S.H.A. requirements

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